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Ballot Passes on Cetonas de Frambuesa, Not Much Happens

How many times have you tried to lose weight without that you just couldn’t do it? A common supplement called garcinia cambogia has been in the news lately as there have been laws about the supplement requiring more detailed information about their proprietary compound. The proposed effort is to help consumers to understand what it is that they are buying when they buy the product. Many people, especially the manufacturers of these weight loss supplements, argued that is it an invasion of privacy and that their proprietary compound is not something that should be made publicly available information.

This confidential business information is something that they felt could be used by competing companies to reverse-engineer their product. Although the law has been passed and now the supplement manufacturers must post more information about the ingredients of their products, we have seen little change in the overall business environment surrounding raspberry keytones. It just seems that business as usual continues on. So, it seems that there was a lot more fuss than actual problem.

If you would like to see more about the history of this controversial matter about garcinia cambogia feel for you to look at the blog post below that discuss some of the details of this ballot, what it contained, and how it came to pass.

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