Are you looking for some BTS merchandise? BTS is a really big group right now. Some even think they are more popular than EXO. It seems to depend on who you ask. We could look at their record sales, but then what would we argue about!?

Fans Must Help Support BTS

Finding merchandise for a band is good, especially if it’s authorized merchandise. See, a lot of companies just take their pictures and logos and put them on their own stuff and sell them as band merch. A lot of fans buy these because they either don’t know any better or they are looking for a cheaper price. If you are a real fan of the band though, you would want to make sure that you are supporting them too.

Here’s what I mean.

When people sell you stuff with the bands’ images and such and they are not affiliated with the band at all, they are making a profit off of their image without the right to use it. Not only is this illegal most of the time, it also deprives the band of receiving the financial support from their fans like you and I.

It’s the same thing as downloading music illegally. That’s how the musicians make their money. So if you are getting it cheaper or free elsewhere then you are depriving them of the financial benefit of their hard work.

This is why you always want to check and make sure that the merchandise you buy is actual BTS merchandise and not made by some shady third party. Don’t be fooled by imitations just because they are cheaper. You’re hurting the band in the long run, and that’s not what you want to do. You can get some real stuff here:

My Favorite Kpop Merchandise

Some of my favorite merchandise is hats. Hats are great because you can wear them with anything. They have the advantage over shirts in that you can wear the same hat with more outfits than you can wear a shirt. Also, you don’t have to wash a hat as often as you do a shirt.

Another really great piece of merchandise you can get is a backpack. BTS backpacks are really popular at my school. A backpack is something you wear around every day, or at least weekdays. It doesn’t need to be washed hardly ever and you can just use it all the time. Also, it’s really useful.

It’s kind of hot where I live so my BTS hat is nice but I don’t always feel like wearing a hat. It’s more of a fashion piece. I wear it for looks and can wear it often. The backpack, on the other hand, is more or less mandatory. It serves a function, that is, holding my books. So, I get a lot more use out of it than a hat, and definitely more than my BTS T shirts.

I hope this article has been useful to you in showing what kind of merchandise you can get. Hopefully it has got you thinking about what you want to get for yourself and what would be the most useful to you. Also, I hope that you will now pay attention to the source of the merchandise and only buy legitimate gear that supports your favorite band and doesn’t detract from their success.

Keep BTS Alive By Buying Authorized Merch

Think of it this way. If you buy unauthorized merchandise, you’re rewarding people who are taking advantage of your favorite groups. They are stealing their images, putting them on stuff and making money off them. If you’re buying from them, you’re not buying from the artists themselves, so you’re taking money from them. Follow BTS on Twitter here:

If you really like BTS, you want them to keep making music, right? Well, the more real merchandise they sell, the more financially successful the band becomes. Then, the record label will see this and continue to renew their contracts and create shows, tours, merchandise, and do other stuff with them.

Think of the extra money you pay for authorized merchandise as the price for continuing your favorite bands’ careers and I think you’ll have plenty of reason to shun those other scheming people.

It kind of makes me mad that they are trying to take advantage of these kpop stars. In the beginning, especially, they don’t make a lot of money. They use it more as a launching pad into other stuff. If they can get into acting, or doing commercials and stuff like that then they can do really well for themselves. But, when their kpop career is newer, like with BTS, the merchandise is a lot more important and should be taken seriously.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you and I will continue to enjoy watching BTS for many years to come!